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Mayor Sarno, Councilor Perez and Officials Celebrate Installation of Decorative Lights in North End

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno and Ward 1 City Councilor Maria Perez joined with Judy Matt, President of the Spirit of Springfield, Jose Claudio of the New North Citizens Council, Tobias Billups from the Springfield Pharmacy, and officials from WinnDevelopment, Brian Collins from Springfield Electric Co., and Jesus Suarez, CEO for Renaissance Medical Group to announce and celebrate the installation of decorative holiday lights on Main Street in the North End.  The installation of the lights is the collaboration of a public and private partnership.  Mayor Sarno and Councilor Perez are looking forward to having this be the start of a new holiday tradition of enhancing the lighting in the North End of the city during the Holiday seasons.

Mayor Sarno states, “When Councilor Maria Perez reached out to me about the possibility of brightening our North End neighborhood and staring a new holiday tradition with decorative lighting for the holiday season, I was more than happy to assist and utilize my administration’s relationships with some of our local public partners to collaborate and work together to make this happen so we can provide some holiday and Christmas cheer for our residents and businesses.  I want to thank WinnDevelopment, Springfield Electric, and Renaissance Medical Group for their partnership and support.  Once again, my administration is proud to capitalize on our public and private partnerships to enhance the quality of life for our community, especially during the holiday and Christmas season.”

Councilor Perez stated, “I want to thank Mayor Sarno and our public partners for their response and assistance with starting this new holiday tradition of having these decorative lights for our North End.  These lights will welcome all those who visit and live in this area of our North End and bring some holiday cheer and Christmas spirit.  This is just the start and I am looking forward to building upon this new tradition in the years to come.”

Michael O’Brien, WinnDevelopment stated, “WinnCompanies and our partner Renaissance Medical Group are proud and excited to partner with Mayor Sarno, the City and the North End neighborhood to spread this cheer and brighten up the Season with our donations.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.”

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