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Mayor Sarno Speaks with Students from Springfield Virtual School

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno spoke with special education students from Mrs. Murphy’s Springfield Virtual School classroom on Tuesday, November 29th. Mayor Sarno shared stories of his time growing up in Springfield as a first generation Italian-American and attending Springfield Public Schools. He also spoke on his time serving as the city’s longest serving mayor and the work and jobs he did before he became mayor.

Mayor Sarno stated, “I want to thank Mrs. Melinda Murphy for inviting me to speak to her students and field their questions on being a mayor, at our Springfield Virtual School, another first for our City of Springfield.  Co-Principals Diane Bauer and Alyson Lingsch, and the entire staff do such a tremendous job for our students and families in providing this top-quality virtual education for those students and their families that need to utilize this platform.  I had a very good discussion with the students talking about how, as a first generation Italian-American, I too attend Springfield Public Schools and graduated the High School of Commerce and went on to attend college.  We discussed how I started working as a paper boy, to working with former District Attorney Bill Bennett, serving as the Executive Director for our South End Community Center – where their teacher Mrs. Murphy proudly attended too.  We spoke on how I ran and was elected first as a city councilor and now I am humbly acting as the longest serving mayor in the city’s history.  We also discussed their interests and what they would like to do when they grow up.  I offered them words of encouragement and stressed upon them, that no matter what they want to be when they grow up, education is so important.  From attending college, joining the military, attending vocational school to work in the trades or being an entrepreneur and possibly creating a successful start-up small business company, education and knowledge is key to success.  On behalf of the City of Springfield I want to wish the students in Mrs. Murphy’s classroom and everyone at our Springfield Virtual School good health and continued success!”  

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