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Mayor Sarno and Fire Commissioner Calvi hold Special Pinning Ceremony for Springfield Fire Department

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno joined with Fire Commissioner BJ Calvi, Captain Drew Piemonte and members of the Springfield Fire Department for a special pinning ceremony at the Springfield Fire Department HQ on Worthington Street to swear-in new Springfield firefighter Tennison Clarke. Firefighter Clarke was joined by his loving family.

Mayor Sarno stated, “Congratulations to Firefighter Tennison Clarke and thank you to his family for allowing him to serve.  On behalf of the residents of our great city, thank you for your continued efforts in keeping our community safe.  We truly appreciate your service, for you are the ones who are running into the buildings to save lives when everyone else is running out.  Congratulations and Godspeed.”

Commissioner Calvi stated, “On behalf of the Springfield Fire Department, I wish to congratulate our newest recruit, Firefighter Clarke, and his family.  We are looking forward to working with you to keep our community safe.  Congratulations and a job well done!”

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