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Mayor Sarno and CDO Sheehan hold special Dinner and Neighborhood Presentation with City Neighborhood Councils

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, Chief Development Officer (CDO) Tim Sheehan, Deputy Director of Neighborhood Services Ed Whitley and Director of Disaster Recovery and Compliance Tina Quagliato-Sullivan held a special dinner and neighborhood presentation program for the presidents and vice presidents of our local neighborhood councils at the Carriage House at the Barney Estate last night to discuss the various neighborhood and community initiatives including the Neighborhood Data Atlas and Project Mapping, Neighborhood Council Handbook and Working Group, Updates on the $100,000 Neighborhood Council Stabilization Fund, Neighborhood Planning in Qualified Census Tracks (QCT), and more.

Mayor Sarno stated, “It was great to hold our annual neighborhood council dinner and presentation program once again, we haven’t been able to get together for this important update and dialog since the onset of the pandemic.  It was an evening filled with great discussions and updates on the many neighborhood projects and initiatives my Administration has already implemented and the many more we are working on in partnership with our Neighborhood Councils.  Our Neighborhood Councils are the life-line to our communities, acting as an extra pair of eyes and ears as they share their ideas, thoughts, and the needs of the community with city officials.  CDO Tim Sheehan, Deputy Director of Neighborhood Services Ed Whitley, Director of Disaster Recovery and Compliance Tina Quagliato-Sullivan, and my dedicated city team are looking forward to working with our neighborhood councils to advance these many great projects and initiatives for the betterment of all our residents and business community.” 

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