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Springfield Police Department Issues Safety Tips for Bicyclists and Pedestrians for Daylight Saving Time

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Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday November 6th. In addition to setting your clocks back an hour and changing or checking the batteries in your smoke detectors the Springfield Police Department wants to remind pedestrians and bicyclists to stay highly visible as it will be getting dark out earlier.

“We want all our pedestrians and bicyclists to make it to their destination safely.  When you are out and about you want to see and be seen.  Wear bright colors or reflective vests and never assume a driver sees you or will stop. 

Follow these tips below as they have been proven to save lives,” said Springfield Police Superintendent Cheryl Clapprood. 

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno stated, “As the days start to get darker earlier, Police Superintendent Cheryl Clapprood and I want to encourage everyone, especially our pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers to be safe.  When walking or bicycling wear bright colors or reflective vests and use the cross walks.  Drivers need to be aware of their surroundings and not speed.  We are getting close to the holiday seasons and we all want everyone to be safe and healthy.”

Safety Tips for Bicyclists:

  • Bicyclists must have a white light that is visible for 500 feet attached to the front of a bike
  • A red reflector must be attached to the rear of the bicycle
  • You need to have pedal or ankle reflectors
  • Side reflectors are required on either the bicycle or worn on the clothes of the rider
  • All bicyclists must follow the rules of the road that apply to motor vehicles, with the expectation that they can pass on the right

Safety Tips for Pedestrians:

  • Wear bright colored clothes and hats
  • Cross streets at crosswalks and intersections for added safety benefits
  • If no crosswalk is available cross under a street light
  • Make eye contact with drivers any time you cross the street, do not assume drivers see you or will stop if you are in a crosswalk
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