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Art from Students at Brightwood Elementary School Proudly Displayed at City Hall

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno is proud to display student art from Art Teacher Ani Jermakian’s Art Class from Brightwood Elementary School. The students art work, most from grades 3-5, ‘Together Through Art’ is a project that celebrates the power that art has to bring people together, especially in times when we cannot be in person. The recent pandemic was an opportunity for this project to be put into action in schools. Although the students did not have the ability to create together in person, Art Teacher Ani Jermakian was able to combine their artwork into whole pieces with the help of technology.

Jermakian said, “Art has a unique way of healing. In the many challenges that students, educators and families have faced in being physically apart, the ability to express ourselves through drawing, painting and digital media has lifted spirits and voices.  As a proud Art Educator of the Springfield Public Schools, I present Together Through Art - A tribute to truly making the impossible possible through art in remote/hybrid learning: making one piece of artwork together. We did it!”

Mayor Sarno stated, “Special shoutout to Ms. Ani Jermakian and her students at Brightwood Elementary School!  Way to go!  I am so proud of these students and grateful to Ms. Jermakian for being creative and putting together this art collection during these surreal and challenging times.  What these students have created is truly remarkable and beautiful and I am happy to proudly display these pieces of art inside City Hall for everyone to see and enjoy!”

There are three main parts of the art display: 

The Sculptures and 3D Pop-Up Drawings: These were created in the first unit of this year, learning about different kinds of lines and shapes. Students learned about what it means to make a city skyline (like the one in Springfield) and how to make something three-dimensional!


The Banner: This is a mosaic, or collection, of several pieces of artwork made by the students of Brightwood and Freedman Elementary Schools during hybrid learning. When they all come together, they create the city skyline of Springfield.


The Map Drawings in Display Case: These were also created in our Line and Shape unit of this year. Students learned about map-making and how maps are made up of lines and shapes!

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