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Mayor Sarno Issues Statement on the Passing of Longtime Harbor Master Bruce ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno states, “First of all, my sympathy, thoughts, prayers and encouragement to Bruce’s wife Judy, family and friends. So sorry to hear about the Harbor Master ‘Bruce Fitz’ passing – ‘he put up a courageous and valiant fight.’ ‘Bruce Fitz’ was a good man and a good family man, who loved his community of Springfield and his Irish Heritage roots as a proud son of Hungry Hill. He served as Chief of Staff to the late Mayor Charlie Ryan and of course was that golden voice of the Irish Folk Bank ‘The Dustmen’. On a humorous note, appointed by then Mayor Mary E. Hurley, ‘Bruce Fitz’ would proudly wear his Harbor Master uniform regularly during meetings – ‘just like Captain Stubing on the Love Boat too’. Rest in peace my friend – I appreciated your kind words of support. As you reach to the gates of Heaven, we can hear St. Peter saying to you – ‘Sing me a song’. May God rest your soul.

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