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Pioneer Institute Report cites Springfield's Roger L. Putnam Vocational Technical Academy as Leader Among State's Vocational Schools

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The Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research is a think tank dedicated to developing ideas that advance prosperity and a vibrant civic life in Massachusetts and beyond. The organization produces research almost exclusively through outside experts to ensure credibility, and acts as a resource for legislators on Beacon Hill and for staff in the State’s executive offices.

Putnam Vocational Academy was the focus of a recent report, “A Tale of Two City Schools: Worcester Tech and Putnam Academy Become Models for Recovery,” by the Pioneer Institute that examined the remarkable turnaround that increased the graduation rate and lowered the dropout rate, while exceling with new leadership, community investment, and skills training.  

To read the full report click on this link:  Two Stars in a Glowing Voc-Tech Education System | Press Releases: Education Latest News (

To read the MassLive article click on this link:  Report cites Springfield’s Putnam Technical Academy as leader among state’s vocational schools -



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