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Springfield Police Detective Bureau Investigation Leads to an Arrest in the Theft of the Symphony Hall Railings

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On Wednesday August 18th at approximately 5:40 p.m. members of the Springfield Police Firearms Investigation Unit under the direction of Captain Brian Keenan arrested 41-year-old Elvin Andino on the 0-100 block of Dickinson Street in connection with the theft of brass railings from Symphony Hall and other charges. Andino is currently out on bail on firearms and breaking and entering charges in two separate incidents.

On Thursday August 11th it was reported that brass railings from the Symphony Hall stairs were removed and stolen.  Detectives began investigating and were able to determine the railings were removed around 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday August 10th.  Detectives then were able to identify Andino as the suspect. 

On July 17th Officers responded to the 0-100 block of Lyman Street for a report of brass railings being removed from a staircase in the area.  Detectives also identified Andino as a suspect in that case. 

On Wednesday August 18th Detectives in the Firearms Investigation Unit, with knowledge that Andino had pending felony warrants, observed the suspect on the 100 block of Island Pond Road.  When Andino spotted the Detectives he got into a car and left the area.  About twenty minutes later Detectives located him on Dickinson Street where he was placed under arrest. 

“Our Detectives did a thorough job in quickly identifying and apprehending this suspect with the combination of good police work and assistance from the public.  This repeat offender clearly does not fear any repercussions from the judicial system as he continues to commit crime after crime while out on bail for firearms charges.  I hope the totality of all these charges in numerous incidents across the city with both citizens and businesses as victims will finally get this individual held until his trial,” said Springfield Police Superintendent Cheryl Clapprood. 

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, “First of all, I commend the men and women in Blue for their continued dedicated and brave efforts.  Once again, our court system shows they are not holding anyone accountable, especially repeat violent criminal offenders – ‘I mean this despicable individual and his hideous criminal acts have amounted to 50 adult arraignments and yet he still walks our streets and neighborhoods creating havoc!’  Besides holding him and seeking restitution, I’d like to request our court system, when and if he gets out to have him ordered to polish the new brass rails we’ll have to put up at our beautiful and historic Symphony Hall too.  God only knows if our court system will follow up on the first two requests!  Also, hopefully we can press this repeat criminal offender to see where he fenced these brass rails and bring charges against the business who accepted them too.”

Andino has had 50 adult arraignments.   Andino has a pending case in Hampden Superior Court for firearms charges stemming from an October 2021 arrest.  Springfield Police Officers also arrested Andino in December 2021 on Breaking and Entering, Larceny and Assault & Battery on a Police Officer charges where he is out on bail in Springfield District Court.  Since those arrests Springfield Police Detectives were granted two additional warrants for charges of Larceny Over $1200, Breaking and Entering into a Vehicle Daytime for a Felony, Assault & Battery with a Dangerous Weapon and Malicious Damage to a Motor

Vehicle which he was scheduled to be arraigned on, on August 26th

41-year-old Elvin Andino of Springfield is charged with:

  • Larceny Over $1200 (Symphony Hall)
  • Destruction of Property +$1200 (Symphony Hall)
  • Larceny Over $1200 (Lyman St.)
  • Destruction of Property +$1200 (Lyman St.)
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