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Mayor Sarno Congratulates Paul Picknelly on being named Honorary Consul for Italian Honorary Consulate in Springfield

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno congratulated Paul Picknelly for serving as the Honorary Consul General for the Italian Consulate in Springfield. Along with Massachusetts, the consulate also serves New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. In addition to his roles as Honorary Consul General, Paul continues to maintain and strengthen relationships between the city of Springfield and Viterbo, Springfield’s Italian sister city. Giuseppe Polimeni previously served as Honorary Consul General before Paul’s appointment.

Mayor Sarno stated, “I want to thank Paul Picknelly for continuing to work not only with the Italian Consulate in keeping and maintain our Italian-American relations but for also maintaining our relationships with our sister city, the ancient city of Viterbo.  Having strong ties and relationships with our sister cities is so important to maintaining strong cultural, economic, educational, and tourism opportunities.  I am looking forward to joining with Paul as we welcome the new Italian Consulate Office in Monarch Place in September.”

“I also want to thank Paul for presenting the original coat of arms that symbolized the bonds between our two sister cities,” Mayor Sarno continued.  “Formalized under Mayor Bob Markel’s Administration, the relationship and bonds between our two cities has served as an important link for our residents and between our two municipalities and nations.  It is these types of goodwill initiatives that helps to maintaining and building relationships and opportunities across the world.”

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