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Mayor Sarno Reaches out to Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame to Keep the Annual Mayflower Marathon Tradition

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Upon hearing the news that the heartwarming annual tradition of the Mayflower Marathon would not be able to take place at the Basketball Hall of Fame (HOF) parking lot, Mayor Domenic J. Sarno reached out to the HOF to try and keep this wonderful and goodwill initiative going.

Mayor Sarno's correspondence reads in part:

John (Doleva), Jack (Dill), and Mr. Colangelo,

First of all, good health to you and your families. I respectfully reach out to you to please reconsider your decision to not have the annual Mayflower Marathon done by the top rated Rock 102 Bax, Steve and Dave Morning show, which benefits thousands of individuals and families dealing with food insecurities in the greater Springfield area through our Open Pantry operations. This event has been held for over 25 years and has caused no prior disruptions and/or complaints from your establishments. It is received with tremendous amount of goodwill from all involved including you, the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

You indicated that a new business has complained. This new business states they know nothing about it and want to assist this traditional and feel good pre-Thanksgiving event.

Please, I once again ask you to reconsider and keep this a win-win situation for all involved and not the public relations disaster it has now become for our Basketball Hall of Fame. Please feel free to reach out to me. Stay well and God Bless.


Domenic J. Sarno


P.S. I do have a call in to John Doleva first thing this morning too.

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