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Mayor Sarno, City Councilor Curran and City and State Officials attend Street Dedication Ceremony in Honor of State Representative Ben Swan

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno and City Councilor Attorney Sean Curran joined with city and state officials for a special street dedication ceremony to honor retired state Representative Benjamin Swan. Swan served as state Representative for 22 years at the State House.

State Senator Eric Lesser, State Representatives Bud Williams, Carlos Gonzalez and Jacob Oliveira, City Council President Jesse Lederman and Councilors Malo Brown, Attorney Michael Fenton and Tracye Whitfield, Health and Human Services Commissioner Helen Caulton-Harris, School Committee members Barbara Gresham and LaTonia Monroe Naylor, Spirit of Springfield President Judy Matt and Police Commissioner Robert ‘Cee’ Jackson were in attendance, as well as many members of the Swan family.  Vanessa Ford sang the Black National Anthem and artist Avery Sharpe gave a special musical performance in honor of Representative Benjamin Swan. 

Mayor Sarno states, “I want to applaud and thank Councilor Sean Curran for leading this initiative to honor retire state Representative Ben Swan with this street dedication ceremony.  My administration is proud to support this initiative to honor our civil rights icon, Benjamin Swan.  Last year, the School Committee unanimously voted to rename the Homer Street School after him.  Ben has been a good friend, always the gentleman and man of his word.  A true doer, not a talker, and a man of principle.  A true civic rights icon known near and far and I cannot think of anyone more deserve of this honor.  Congratulations Ben!”      

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