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Mayor Sarno Comments on ‘Common Threads’ Apparent on Mass Shootings – Emphasizes the need for Congress to act on Commonsense Legislation

|   City News

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno states, “First of all, my heart breaks for the families in Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, New York, who have been tragically impacted by these horrific mass shootings. Then again, isn’t this what we hear from all our elected leaders, including myself, when these violent mass shooting acts occur? Congress must take the politics out of these mass shootings and act in order to stop the bloodshed and save lives, but they won’t. Even though our children continue to be slaughtered, they’ll be no movement on federal legislation that could address these issues of mass shootings, such as universal mental health checks for firearm licenses and purchases, especially on assault style weapons.”

“Although these two tragedies happened more than 1,700 miles apart, they both share similarities that should result in commonsense legislation to save lives,” Mayor Sarno continued.  “Is it possible that Congress can act on the common thread issues, which were both evident in the Buffalo and Uvalde mass shootings, such as, Red Flag #1: the purchase of body worn armor – why the hell would someone not authorized to wear body worn armor be able to purchase it?  Red Flag #2:  Both shooters were investigated for threats, but then let go?  Red Flag #3:  Social media rantings and threats, yet no immediate actions or alerts taken by these social media moguls who make billions of dollars!?” 

“Can Congress put aside their petty politics and act on these commonsense measures to save the lives of our citizens and especially our children – everyone in our great country wants to see an end to these mass shootings.  They haven’t before but I hope and pray that they prove me wrong.  If not and unfortunately it will happen again and again and again.”

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