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Mayor Sarno and City Officials Join with New North Citizens Council for Neighborhood Walk

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, Mayoral Aide Mini Marrero, Chief Development Officer Tim Sheehan, Director of Disaster Recovery Tina Quagliato Sullivan, Principal Planner Alvin Allen and city officials joined with Ward 1 City Councilor Maria Perez for a neighborhood walk with the New North Citizens Council, residents and businesses today as part of the Sarno Administrations continued efforts hearing directly from our neighborhoods as part of the City of Springfield’s ARPA Neighborhood Economic Recovery Fund.

Mayor Sarno stated, “Our neighborhoods are the lifeline of our city, providing much needed services, outreach and insight to the specific needs of our residents and business community.  I want to thank the New North Citizens Council (NNCC) for taking time to meet and walk the neighborhood with me and my dedicated city team, especially NNCC Executive Director Maria Ligus, NNCC Chief Operating Officer Jose Claudio and City Councilor Maria Perez.  The creation of the ARPA Neighborhood Economic Recovery Fund comes as a direct result from my community and neighborhood council meetings that I held last year.  In total we met with over 30 neighborhood councils and organizations to hear their ideas on how we can work together to enhance our neighborhoods for the betterment of our residents and business community.”

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