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Mayor Sarno Issues Statement on SJC Decision

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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno states, “The Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) today determined that the City Council has the right to require me to appoint a Board of Police Commissioners. I accept that responsibility.

At the same time, the Supreme Judicial Court’s decision did nothing at all to diminish in any way my authority as Mayor to appoint and determine the responsibilities of that individual who is charged with the management and operation of the Springfield Police Department.  I will continue to exercise that responsibility.

We will work within the guidance of the decision and under the prevailing statutes and laws of the Commonwealth, and prevailing ordinances of the City of Springfield, to comply with the decision and to maintain the high standards of public safety.

Commissioner Cheryl Clapprood will lead the Springfield Police Department, as she continues to move the department forward.

The Board of Police Commissioners is to perform, as the SJC noted an ‘oversight function’ but not a ‘daily managerial function’.  The day-to-day duties concerning the operation of the police department, including ‘command and control’ of all department members, professional standards, as well as hiring, promotions, and as well as assignments, will continue to be performed by a full-time police professional, Cheryl Clapprood.

However, I will have the Board of Police Commissioners, with the subpoena power authority I have long sought, to conduct hearings on disciplinary matters for the benefit of the Department.  The Board will determine the conditions of discipline, termination, dismissal and reappointment.  I will be naming the five (5) member board shortly.” 

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