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Mayor Sarno Issues Denial Letter to Comcast for Franchise License Renewal

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, as statutory issuing authority for the City of Springfield, has issued a preliminary assessment of denial to Comcast for their franchise license renewal. The current ten (10) year cable TV franchise license agreement with Comcast is set to expire on Sunday, December 26, 2021.

In February 2021, Mayor Sarno, Deputy City Solicitor Kathleen Breck and Communications Director William Baker held a virtual public hearing on the Comcast cable TV license renewal.  Mayor Sarno submitted testimony and stressed the importance to Comcast that any license renewal must meet and maintain good quality standards for the City of Springfield, residents – especially seniors and students, and business community.  After months of negotiations the City of Springfield and Comcast reached an impasse on key items and were unable to reach an agreement.   

Mayor Sarno states, “My administration will continue to stand up and fight for what is in the best interest for our City of Springfield and our residents and business community, especially for our seniors and students.  I want to thank Deputy City Solicitor Kathleen Breck, our outside legal counsel Attorney Peter Epstein and my Communications Director Bill Baker for their continued efforts throughout this process to reach a fair and reasonable deal with Comcast.  From the public hearing we held earlier this year and throughout the negotiating process, we shared what our residents and businesses want and need and other items the City of Springfield expected with Comcast.  Unfortunately, we were unable to reach an agreement.  I am hopeful that we can continue to negotiate with Comcast to reach a fair and reasonable agreement for our residents and business community.”     

The franchise license renewal is strictly for cable television and would renew Comcast cable TV license in the City of Springfield for ten (10) years upon approval. 

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