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Mayor Sarno Stands By and Supports Vietnam Veteran Eugene Brice After Recent Racial and Disability Encounter in East Longmeadow

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno fully supports and stands by Springfield’s own Vietnam Veteran and former Springfield Veteran of the Year Eugene Brice after a recent and disgusting racial and anti-disability encounter in the Big Y parking lot in East Longmeadow, as reported on Sunday by Ron Chimelis of the Republican News.

Mayor Sarno will welcome Mr. Brice at the City of Springfield’s JFK Memorial Event today in support of Mr. Brice and to stand against this kind of hateful, harmful and atrocious occurrence, something in which the late President John F. Kennedy stood against and helped to push and support through Civil Rights legislation.    

Mayor Sarno states, “What happened to my friend and Vietnam disabled Veteran Eugene Brice is deplorable and disgusting – all over a handicap parking space.  What is wrong with people!  I will always and proudly stand by and support not only Mr. Eugene Brice but all of our Veterans.  Eugene is a good man and a gentleman who has done so much good for our community and for others, he is always willing to help anyone out.  He and our other Veterans and disabled Veterans should never be treated this way.  On top of this, you throw in the degrading racial language of the ‘N’ word, this is totally unacceptable and that woman should be ashamed of herself verbally attacking a proud disabled Veteran in a scooter as he was trying to get out of his vehicle.  That type of behavior and ignorance is just plain wrong.  No human being should endure this type of treatment and disrespect, especially our beloved Veterans.”

“I want to proudly welcome Eugene Brice to our City’s JFK Memorial ceremony.  After hearing about this unfortunate incident I reached out to Eugene and shared my thoughts and support with him and invited him to attend this event so we can show our collective support for him after this incident.  President Kennedy defined the civil rights crisis as moral, as well as constitutional and legal.  It is only fitting that we stand in support of our proud disabled Vietnam Veteran Eugene Brice against this kind of treatment as we acknowledge and honor coming together with mutual respect and compassion no matter one’s creed, color or background at the JFK Memorial.”   

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