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Mayor Sarno and City Officials Discuss ARPA Funding with Hungry Hill and East Springfield Neighborhood Councils

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, Chief Administrative and Financial Officer (CAFO) TJ Plante, Chief Development Officer (CDO) Tim Sheehan, Director of Recovery and Business Continuity Attorney Tom Moore, and Director of Technical Assistance and Compliance Patrice ‘Chae’ Swan met with the Hungry Hill Neighborhood Council and the East Springfield Neighborhood Council to discuss their ideas and thoughts on how the City can best utilize American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to continue to enhance their respective neighborhoods. City Councilor Attorney Sean Curran also attended the East Springfield Neighborhood Council meeting.

Mayor Sarno states, “I want to thank Hungry Hill Neighborhood Council President Cathy Mossi and East Springfield Neighborhood Council President Kathy Brown and their respective board members for taking the time to meet with me and my dedicated ARPA team.  They both presented some great ideas and identified local neighborhood specific projects they would like to see happen.  We had a great conversation on how we can best utilize the ARPA funding to continue to enhance not just our neighborhoods but the city as a whole under the seven categories my administration announced - job creation/economic development, capital projects, assistance for businesses, non-profits, seniors, our neighborhoods, and housing.  These ideas and projects will greatly enhance the quality of life for our residents and business community and I am looking forward to reviewing these ideas and projects with my dedicated and tested-and-true city team and exploring how we can implement these ideas under the ARPA funding or possibly through the upcoming Federal Infrastructure funding bill that is currently pending before Congress.”

“We have another transformative opportunity to continue to shape the future of our City, similar to the numerous neighborhood and economic development projects my Administration made post tornado,” Mayor Sarno continued.  “Again, I am looking forward to continuing these listening sessions with our neighborhood councils.”

Page last updated:  Tuesday, March 1, 2022 01:32 pm