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Mayor Sarno Names Amanda Pham New Springfield Redevelopment Authority Executive Director

- First Ever Female to Head the SRA -

~ Thanks to Retiring Executive Director Christopher Moskal ~


Mayor Domenic J. Sarno today named Springfield Redevelopment Authority (SRA) Deputy Director Amanda Pham as its new Executive Director. With Mayor Sarno’s appointment, Deputy Director Pham becomes the first female ever to lead the SRA in the City’s history. She will follow in the footsteps of retiring Executive Director Christopher Moskal. Executive Director Pham begins her new role on August 3, 2021.

Mayor Sarno states, “First of all, my many thanks to Chris for all his years of dedicated service. He has always been such a professional and humble public servant, with a ‘can do attitude’ through many economic development projects and natural disaster situations. I wish him all the best.”

Mayor Sarno continues in commending and thanking new incoming Executive Director Amanda Pham, stating, “She’s done an excellent job with the operations and the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the SRA. She is well positioned to take the reins and help lead my administration towards more economic development successes.”

Chief Development Officer Timothy Sheehan stated, “The selection of Amanda Pham for the position of Executive Director of the Springfield Redevelopment Authority (SRA), is made with the clear understanding that she possesses the requisite experience, institutional knowledge and understanding of the important role that the SRA plays in the advancement of the city’s overall economic development agenda.  I am confident that she will hit the ground running day one with the current portfolio of projects being managed by the SRA and that she has the skills necessary to take on those projects that will come to the SRA in the future. Her elevation to the role of Executive Director ensures that the SRA’s role in Springfield will continue to expand.”          

SRA Executive Director Christopher Moskal states, “Conscientious, competent, thorough, on-target and civic minded. These are the attributes that quickly come to mind about Amanda Pham. She is a superb choice to lead the Springfield Redevelopment Authority with an extensive background in planning, managing, and financing complex development projects. She is an effective consensus builder with experience in working with community groups throughout the city. She will step into this new role without skipping a beat.”

SRA Board Chairperson Armando Feliciano stated, “Chris Moskal was a sincere pleasure to work with. A dedicated public servant with a humble heart. He cared for and loved this city. He worked diligently on all projects and developed good relationships with the board and outside interests. On behalf of the board, we will miss him.”

Feliciano continued, “I want to thank Mayor Sarno for making a great decision in choosing Amanda Pham as Chris's successor, demonstrating his commitment to Inclusion. She has been instrumental in aligning all our procurement and budget aspects, and working with minority contractors to help increase diversity. Most importantly, Amanda as Deputy Director will step into her new role providing continuity to the SRA.”

SRA Deputy Director and Chief Procurement Officer Amanda Pham stated, “I am truly honored and humbled to accept the position of Executive Director of the Springfield Redevelopment Authority. I am excited to continue my 11+ years of service with the Redevelopment Authority and look forward to working with the City on many new projects to come! I want to thank the Mayor, the SRA Board, the “soon to be retired” Executive Director, Christopher Moskal, and Chief Development Officer, Timothy Sheehan for their confidence in me to lead the Authority.”

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