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Mayor Sarno and Deputy Director of Veteran Affairs DeCaro Celebrate Italy Winning the 2020 European Championship

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno and Deputy Director of Veteran Affairs Joe DeCaro celebrated Italy winning the 2020 European Championship. Italy claimed their first Euro title since 1968 in dramatic fashion with a shootout victory against England.

Mayor Sarno stated, “Congratulations to Italy on winning the 2020 European Championship!  This team came out of nowhere and with good coaching, training and excellent goaltending were able to shock the world.  As a former goalkeeper in high school and college, I know firsthand how hard it is.  It takes many factors to perform and succeed on the world stage from athleticism, intimidation and the right psychology.  What a terrific team effort.  Congratulazioni Coach Roberto Mancini and his coaching staff on a job well done!  Forza Azzurri / Forza Italia!”

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