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William J. Boyle Scholarship Fund Honors Putnam Senior

The William J. Boyle Scholarship Fund has awarded the second scholarship established to be awarded annually to a graduating Putnam Vocational Technical Academy student who will attend Springfield Technical Community College (STCC) the following fall.

Putnam Class of 2021 graduate Salman Nadeem, who will attend STCC in the fall as an applied psychology major, is the 2021 recipient of the annual scholarship of $1,000.

“This scholarship will greatly help me in my pursuits and …  I thank the Boyle family for the support they have given me. It will not be something I’ll forget,” said Nadeem.

Nadeem was presented with the recognition during a recent virtual ceremony attended by members of his and Judge Boyle’s families, along with members of Putnam and District faculty and staff.

Margaret Boyle, daughter of the late Judge Boyle, said the scholarship is reflective of the educational pathway taken by Boyle, whose career in law spanned more than 35 years and included service as First Justice of Springfield District Court. 

In the 1970s, Judge Boyle studied printing technical education while at Putnam (then called Trade School) and then enrolled at STCC.  After graduating from STCC, he earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a Juris Doctorate from Western New England University.  In his career of more than 35 years, Judge Boyle worked as a prosecutor for the Hampden County District Attorney’s office, established a private practice, served on the Springfield City Council (including two terms as President), and presided over Springfield District Court as its First Justice.

Rose Boyle, wife of the late Judge Boyle, has said the scholarship pays homage to Judge Boyle’s humble beginnings in a single-parent household. Despite the reality of limited resources after his father’s death, a young Judge Boyle always looked to college as pathway to a better future. Without the availability of scholarships and assistance that exists today, Boyle stayed committed to his educational goals. Once achieved, he maintained a connection with and love for the community, especially for those struggling through difficult times.

Margaret Boyle said her father’s commitment to community is also an important aspect of the scholarship established in his honor.

“That’s why are so pleased to recognize Salman as the 2021 recipient of the scholarship,” she said, adding that the William J. Boyle Scholarship Fund Board of Directors selected the winner. “He is just a great student in every way, and one element that greatly impressed us in his application essay was his love for the City of Springfield; his belief in its potential; and the role he envisions himself playing in the City’s success.”

Nadeem said his future pursuits are rooted in giving back to his community for himself, his loved ones and those who will come after him. “If we look at the City in connection to the education system holistically …  not only will we change the world around us, but most importantly, we will change ourselves,” he said.

Margaret Boyle said anyone interested in learning more about how they can support the Judge Boyle Scholarship Fund should contact the family at

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