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Chief Of Staff Tom Ashe and Former Congressman Joe Kennedy Joined to Dedicate Low-Income Community Solar Array in Springfield

Chief of Staff Tom Ashe joined Citizens Energy Chairman Joseph P. Kennedy II for a dedication of a major solar array in Springfield on Friday to provide green power to low-income subscribers of the company’s innovative JOE-4-SUN program.

Ashe and the former Congressman was joined by New England Farmworkers’ Council Chairman/President/CEO Heriberto Flores, and local JOE-4-SUN subscriber Essie Thomas-Ware at the solar site.

Citizens Energy Corporation was founded in 1979 by Joseph P. Kennedy II to make life’s basic needs more affordable. JOE-4-SUN builds on Citizens Energy’s 40-year legacy of philanthropy and innovation by ensuring that the benefits of renewable energy are shared with all.

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