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1920's Era Police Letters Donated to City of Springfield

Thank you to Anne Lessenger of Connecticut for the generous donation of a 1920's era book of Springfield Police notes and letters, found in her late brother's attic in Springfield. Below is Anne's letter and photos of her and the book.

Domenic J. Sarno
Mayor of Springfield
36 Court Street
Room 214
Springfield, MA 01103

Dear Mayor Sarno,

We are donating a book of very old letters and notices that the Chief of Police wrote in 1920-1932. The book was found in my brother's house, (Tommy Manning, deceased in 2001), The address was 29 Dunbar Street, Springfield, Mass. The book is not in v ery good condition, but notes are easy to read. It had been previously owned by a police officer who lived at that address, name unknown, and was found in the attic after my brother passed. We have had it for many years and were wonderinf if you would like to have it, or donate it to the historical society of Springfield. 

We think you will find many of the notes interesting and some comical, like the one where the chief had whistles given to the officers to direct traffic.

It will be good to have it returned to the City of Springfield where its officers are and should be given thanks every day for all the good work they do. God bless them.

From the Michael J. Manning:
Mike (dad), Florence (mom), Eddie and Tommy (sons), deceased
Living: Dorothea Moynahan, Grace Maciolek, Anne Lessenger, and Pauline Baab (daughters) and Peter Manning.

Thank you Mayor for all your good work for the City of Springfield, Massachusetts.

Anne Lessenger

PS- Mayor, our mother, Florence Manning, was a huge fan of yours. loved reading about you and seeing you on television. Her favorite memory was of you delivering newspapers to her. She passed in 2014, at 101+ years.

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