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Mayor Sarno Issues Statement on South Congregational Church Defiance in Recruitment of a Sanctuary Family

Monday, March 26, 2018

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno states, “Well their recruitment efforts have paid off for them in defiance of the edict that we are not a sanctuary city. As stated prior in June 2017, our city’s code enforcement inspection and public safety teams upon visit deemed the church property unsuitable to house individuals/families under the state’s sanitary code. They are in violation of building and housing codes and proper non-taxable use of their property. Our city inspection teams will be notified. I am disappointed that they would use and exploit this family for their own causes. Now, I am not a cold-hearted person and do have compassion for the family in question, but there must be a clear path to American citizenship, whether it’s this case in Springfield or in other parts of our country. Being first generation, it’s simply not fair to all those immigrants, including my parents, who played by the rules and followed the legal immigration path into America.”

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