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Mayor Sarno Visits Indian Orchard Businesses, Storefront Improvements

Monday, September 11, 2017

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno visited Best Pizza, Inc., 306 Pasco Road, Indian Orchard this afternoon to celebrate the completion of their storefront improvements. Best Pizza, Inc., recently completed improvements to their business with the assistance of the city’s Neighborhood Storefront Improvement Program.

“Our storefront program has been assisting small businesses throughout Springfield,” said Mayor Sarno. “Improving the look and feel of our businesses not only makes them more welcoming to customers, but helps make our neighborhoods more attractive and inviting.”

Best Pizza, Inc., is owned by Hamit Adiguzel, who has owned the property since January of 2011. Mr. Adiguzel utilized the program to replace doors, windows, and new fencing.

The store is one of many supported through the program, which is funded with HUD Community Development Block Grants (CDBG). In just over the past few years the program has assisted 8 businesses and invested $105,568.28 in the storefront and small business loan programs in Indian Orchard.  The Best Pizza Inc. project accounted for $15,000.00 in improvements.

Other recent Indian Orchard Projects include Oldies from the Estate, 45 Parker Street, Indian Orchard; received a CDBG Storefront Grant in the amount of $15,000. The owner, Mrs. Wallace purchased the building with her husband, who is also co-owner of the business. Oldies from the Estate, has been serving the Indian Orchard neighborhood since September of 2002. In addition, K&O Food Mart and Messon Restaurant, 1295 Worcester Street, Indian Orchard, owned by Mr. Orlando Ovalles; received a CDBG Storefront Grant in the amount of $18,024.53. K&O Food Mart and Messon Restaurant, has been serving the Indian Orchard neighborhood since April of 2012. These three Indian Orchard businesses improvements were funded $48,024.53 via CDBG.

The project represents one of many large and small development efforts occurring in the Indian Orchard neighborhood recently. The new traffic signals and intersection reconstruction at the following intersections: Cottage Street and Berkshire Avenue, Bay Street and Berkshire Avenue, and Cottage Street/Robbins Road/Industrial Avenue. The city also has supported Wellspring Cooperative Corp., the organization that bought the Pinevale Street parcel from the Springfield Redevelopment Authority for $70,000 for their $1 million project to build a quarter-acre hydroponic greenhouse supplying fresh veggies to local institutions, as well as training to as many as nine workers who will have a chance to earn part ownership in the business.

Equally important, the City of Springfield is requesting proposals for the redevelopment of E S Oak Street, Indian Orchard, formerly known as the Oak Street Fire Station. This is a City owned property enhanced by a two story brick building including a basement. The Oak Street Station is the parcel that sits on the corner of Oak Street and Berkshire Street Indian Orchard. The parcel # is 09182 – 0219 and it is a 13,500 Square foot lot zoned as Residential B. The total area of the building is approximately 11,732 square feet and assessed at $233,600.

“My administration is focused on addressing not only the major public safety, health, and education components that are important to neighborhoods but also mom and pop small businesses that are looking to grow and prosper in Springfield,” said Mayor Sarno.

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