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Mayor Sarno Launches Strong, Healthy, and Just Climate Action and Resilience Plan: City Partners with ‘ener-G-save’ to Encourage Residents to Improve Energy Efficiency

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, Partners for a Healthier Community, and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation announce the City’s launch of its ambitious Strong, Healthy, and Just Climate Action and Resilience Plan, and its partnership with the ‘ener-G-save’ initiative to urge homeowners to take advantage of free home energy audits, incentives and financial assistance to make their homes more energy-efficient.  The announcement will take place on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 2:15 in City Hall, Room 220.

Mayor Sarno stated, “Implementing the Strong, Healthy Just Climate Action & Resilience Plan is going to take all of us working together. All of our city departments will be involved and there will be ways to contribute to the effort across the sectors of our community, as well as residents.  We can do this if we do it together. This is not only good for our environment, but also to the City’s and homeowners’ bottom line too.”

Funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s disaster resilience grant to the City, the recently-completed Climate Action and Resilience Plan provides the blueprint for the City of Springfield to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 and to enhance the City’s overall resilience.  City government has already substantially reduced municipal energy use; has been certified in the first round of Massachusetts Green Communities; and has advanced policy like the Complete Streets Resolution, which prioritizes safe walking and biking. The City will use the Plan’s guidance to take its next steps toward further resilience.

Meeting the ambitious goal of an 80% reduction will require government, business and residents to work together. During the launch, we are pointing out that residential buildings make up just under a third of Springfield’s overall greenhouse gas emissions--384,105 metric tons of CO2e—so homeowners have an important role in learning about and addressing energy efficiency in their homes.

Springfield is excited to have ‘ener-G-save’ as an implementation partner to help with the issue of home energy efficiency. Springfield is one of ten cities and towns chosen to participate in this project supported by Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation Energy LLC. This past winter, thermal images were taken of over 6,500 single family homes in Springfield, and these images are being mailed to homeowners this week to indicate places in the home where heat is leaking out of walls and roofs, and where money and energy are being wasted. Be sure to watch your mail for a white window envelope from ‘ener-G-save’ in the next week or so to see if YOU will receive the image.

Whether or not you get one of these reports, you can be an early adopter in your home. The Mayor's Office urges all homeowners to call the hotline (413)-279-9141 or sign up at the web link here:  and line up a free energy audit that will help you learn how to make your home healthier and more comfortable, all while saving money and energy. Whatever your income, you will be directed to services that will help you learn what financial assistance is available to you, what can be done for free, and who can help you do the work. One contact with ‘ener-G-save’ and you'll be on your way to helping the Climate Action and Resilience Plan get off to a running start by increasing our energy efficiency as a City.

Springfield will be tracking our progress toward meeting our goals on a new website:, where you can see details about the actions City departments are implementing and what steps you can take as residents and business owners.

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