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Mayor Sarno Stands Steadfast Against South Congregational Church’s Pursuit of Sanctuary Status

Monday, June 19, 2017

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno states that he has instructed the appropriate city departments to review the situation to determine what recourse the city has to protect its interests ASAP. Mayor Sarno also states that we will not stand for the harboring and protecting of illegal and/or criminal activities at this site. There are numerous building, housing, fire, public safety, health and sanitary codes that may arise based on the location they are planning for the proposed shelter. This is a change of use for a building not designed to be safely occupied as a housing shelter. Again, these individuals have been determined for one illegal and/or criminal reason to face deportation. No one is against legal immigration aspects, especially those who have played by the rules. He further adds that there are a number of individuals and families who have followed proper legal course to obtain empowerment program help and citizenship that are patiently waiting for their opportunity. Also, we will not stand for another tent city cropping up as it did a number of years ago.

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