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City Officials Give Update on MGM Springfield: MGM’s 50% Document Submittal Consistent with HCA Commitments

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno and Chief Development Officer Kevin Kennedy have determined that the MGM 50% Construction Design submittals are consistent with the commitments outlined within the City’s Host Community Agreement (HCA).

“I am extremely pleased to be able to say that MGM’s designs continue to be consistent with what has been outlined within the Host Community Agreement and that MGM Springfield continues to strive to bring a world class venue to the City’s downtown,” said Mayor Sarno. “MGM and the City have always had a very strong relationship and we are very pleased to be able to ensure the citizens of Springfield as well as the City Council that the commitments outlined in the HCA are being monitored by the City and are being complied with by MGM."

This determination of compliance is based on a detailed review of the submittal documents by a number of City Departments, including the Office of Planning & Economic Development, Law Department, Building Department, Department of Public Works and the Casino Liaison Office. A full review of the 50% Construction Design documents was also completed by The Chicago Consultants Studio, Inc. The Chicago Consultants Studio, Inc. is an urban planning consultant that has been used extensively by the City of Springfield throughout the casino design/review process.

“The plans, design and programmatic advancement of the MGM casino development are well on their way toward achieving for Springfield a precedent – setting urban investment in downtown Springfield,” said Kim Goluska of the Chicago Consultants Studios, Inc. “Both MGM and the City leaders should be congratulated for this collaboration that has achieved great progress to-date toward this unique mixed-use development within the heart of downtown Springfield.”

One of the key aspects of the plans reviewed was the calculations of both retail and food and beverage floor areas. As noted in the summary report, the current program floor area calculations, as depicted in the plans, are consistent with the use commitments of the HCA. Other areas of review included building materials, landscaping, lighting, storefronts, the valet entry, interior design concepts as well as other areas of design.

“As we have strived for from the beginning, the City is continuing with its open and transparent process to ensure that was what agreed to under the Host Community Agreement is what is being delivered by MGM,” said Kevin Kennedy, Chief Development Officer.

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