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Summer Pool Pass Registration

Residents who wish to swim at Forest Park pool or any indoor pool sites this summer must pre-register and then obtain a free photo ID from the Parks Dept. You must bring this Pool Pass with you whenever you go to a Springfield Pool. Each member of the family must have an ID card to swim, and at least one adult in a family must register in order for children from that family to register.

Start by filling out the pre-registration form, once for each family member, parent first. Print your form and bring it along to one of the ID Card sessions listed below to get your photo ID card quickly.  We have to accommodate the entire City so please come early!  We will cut the lines when we have reached capacity to be able to complete all of those participants waiting, on time.

Each person registered will be assigned a unique ID number to print and save. You must bring this registration number to get a photo ID card from the Parks Dept.

Registration and schedule can be found here:


Page last updated:  Tuesday, March 1, 2022 01:32 pm