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Mayor Domenic J. Sarno Announces Recent Board And Commission Appointments

May 15, 2013-Springfield, MA- Mayor Domenic J. Sarno is announcing recent appointments made to various boards and commissions in the City of Springfield.  

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno stated, “First I would like to thank all who have served. Your service to the residents and businesses of Springfield is greatly appreciated.” Mayor Domenic J. Sarno went on to say, “These newly appointed board members and commissioners will continue play a vital role in the administration of our government. I thank all for responding and volunteering to partake in this civic duty”.  

The following residents have been appointed to the following board or commission:

Council for the Aging

Ms. Frances Benoit   

Ms. Maurita Bledsoe  

Ms. Adrianne Caulton 

Ms. Annmarie Pajer

Board of Appeals 

Mr. George Bruce 

Mr. Keith Maynard 

Ms. Ana Colon Frasco

Library Commission

Ms. Lorna Simmons    

Ms. Meghan Lunghi  

Mr. Matthew Reilly

Mobile Home Park Rental Control Board

Ms. Diane Blanchard

Mr. Jesus Arce

Ms. Roberta Johnson

Cultural Council 

Mr. Andrew Cade  

Mr. Ian Ghanni                    

Community Police Hearing Board

Pastor Gail Hill   

Ms. Carmen Berry  

Attorney George Bourguignon   

Planning Board  

Ms. Rosemary Morin   

Trustees of the Grand Army Hall

Mr. Charles Blake

Ms. Charly Olivia    

Election Commission 

Mr. Joseph DeMars

Ms. Neziebeth Jones    

Housing Authority 

Mr. Thomas LaBonte 

Ms. Angela Robles

Public Construction Monitoring Committee

Mr. Keith Millet

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