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Springfield Department of Health & Human Services FREE Seasonal Flu Clinic

The Springfield Department of Health and Human Services is holding a  FREE SEASONAL FLU AND PNEUMONIA CLINIC.  FLU SEASON IS JUST BEGINNING!





Wed., Oct. 3

Mayflower Senior Center; 1516 Sumner Ave.


Thurs., Oct. 4

Riverview Senior Center; 122 Clyde St.


Wed., Oct. 10

St. Catherine of Siena; 1023 Parker St.


Thurs., Oct. 11

Evangelical Covenant Church; 915 Plumtree


Mon., Oct. 15

Greenleaf Center; 1187 ½ Parker St.


Wed., Oct. 17

Pine Point Senior Ctr., 335 Berkshire Ave.


Thurs., Oct. 18

MS Senior Ctr.-Emerson Hall; 439 Union St.


Mon., Oct. 22

Hungry Hill Senior Ctr.; 1212 Carew St.



Influenza (otherwise known as the flu) is a highly contagious Infection of the respiratory system caused by the influenza virus.  Illness can occur less than 24 hours after infection, with signs and symptoms ranging from mild to severe, such as a sore throat, runny nose, high fever, body aches, and potentially death.


The Center for Disease Control recommends that all residents get the seasonal flu vaccine except children 6 months and younger.


Our clinic will service families of all ages except children 3 years and under.


Prevention strategies against all flu includes frequent hand washing, covering your mouth when sneezing and /or coughing, and not sharing items that you put in your mouth.  However, the best solution to prevent the flu is to receive a flu vaccination.  The flu virus changes continuously and last year’s vaccine will not necessarily be effective against this year’s flu virus.


The Clinic will serve all Springfield residents except children 3 and under.. Please wear short sleeve shirt and bring your HMO, GIC or Medicare Card with you. Please consider bringing a non-perishable food item to contribute to the Springfield Open Pantry. If you have any questions, call 787-6741.






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