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Commendation Ceremony for Lieutenant James F. Leger and Firefighter Jose L. Marquez

On August 12, 2012 the Springfield Fire Department responded to a reported house fire at 41-43 Cass Street at 05:44 hrs. Upon arrival Ladder 1 officer Lieutenant James Leger and Firefighter Jose Marquez were notified by an unknown Springfield police officer that there was a person trapped at the rear of the burning structure. Heavy fire was observed on the first and second floors with thick black smoke exiting at the roofs eaves and the window Mr. Hanley was perched at.

Lieutenant Leger quickly determined that the man with his upper body extended out the third floor window to escape the heat and smoke would need to be rescued via a ground ladder. The man trapped in the third floor window was observed easing himself back in the window a couple of times and was told by two unknown police officers and acting District Chief  John Murphy to stay where he was and keep his upper body out of the window in the fresh air.

Lt. James Leger and F.F. Jose Marquez with an unknown police officer raised a 35 ft extension ladder to the third floor window, Lt. Leger then climbed the ladder to the trapped man and assisted him out the window and onto the ladder where he then coached and assisted the man down the ladder to an awaiting ambulance where he was treated for smoke inhalation.

When: Wednesday September 19, 2012

Where: Springfield Fire Headquarters 605 Worthington Street

Contact Person: Dennis Leger 413-531-6337

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