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Springfield Medical Reserve Corps Make News

The National Volunteer Award for 2012 was presented to Robert Klupa at the Integrated Training Summit in Nashville, TN. Klupa is a dedicated member of the Springfield Health and Human Services Medical Reserve Corps. He has spent many hours responding to the various disasters Springfield experienced in 2011.

The Medical Reserve Corps was established after the terrorist event of 9/11 by President Bush and is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Klupa was given his award by Capt. Robert J. Tossatto, Director, Division of the Civilian Volunteers Medical Reserve Corps (OCVM) and Rear Admiral, Boris D. Lushniak, Deputy US Surgeon General and witnessed by hundreds of volunteers from across the nation.

Members of the Medical Reserve Corps are trained, badged and certified to do the work they do in responding to public health emergencies and other community health initiatives. Helen R. Caulton-Harris, Director of Springfield Department of Health and Human Services adds her “congratulations to Robert Klupa, the MRC leadership and all the MRC volunteers who respond in the city’s time of crisis. Volunteers are always welcome and needed.”

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