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Springfield Medical Reserve Corps Honor a Winner

March 9, 2012 - The Springfield Department of Health and Human Services Medical Reserve Corps member, Robert Klupa was recently recognized by the Federal Division of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps. His receipt of the 2012 Outstanding MRC Responder Award is a credit to his outstanding work in the response to the June 2011 tornado, the H1N1 outbreak and other public health emergencies. In expressing his congratulations Commissioner John Auerbach of the State Department of Public Health said “sadly, you have been tested again and again by an unusual number of major emergencies. The people of Springfield and the entire state are fortunate to have such outstanding heroes as Mr. Klupa.”

The MRC is a group of community volunteers who train and make themselves available to respond to public health emergencies. Helen Caulton-Harris, Director of Springfield Health and Human Services adds her “congratulations to Robert Klupa, the MRC leadership and all the MRC volunteers who respond in the city’s time of crisis. Volunteers are always welcome and needed.”

To learn more about the MRC, please visit: <link hhs hhs-training>

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