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August 3, 2011 – Mayor Domenic J. Sarno today released a report from City Solicitor Edward M. Pikula regarding Springfield Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Alan Ingram’s contract and benefits. (See attached). Mayor Sarno had requested the review last week following concerns raised about the contract negotiated in 2008 between the former Finance Control Board and Dr. Ingram.

City Solicitor Pikula’s review found that the Finance Control Board negotiated a contract and benefits with the Springfield Superintendent which included $30,000 for “relocation” on account of higher costs in Massachusetts and that the Superintendent received a lump sum payment of $30,000 (less tax and retirement withholdings of $11,990.87) in August 2008.  The Law Department opinion also states that the Superintendent is under no obligation to re-pay the funds to the City.

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno stated “my concern is that there are not any distractions that interfere with school students and their education as we continue to move our school system forward. Attorney Pikula has reviewed all pertinent information relative to the contract and subsequent agreements negotiated between the FCB and Dr. Ingram, and has determined that they are legally binding.” 

Mayor Sarno is awaiting the results of the review being conducted by the City’s Office of Internal Auditing and will release those results upon their receipt.

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