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Forest Park Heights Named a 'Best Old-House Neighborhood'

Springfield's historic Forest Park Heights neighborhood has been recognized as one of This Old House Magazine's Best Old-House Neighborhoods for 2010. The neighborhood was noted as being among the best nationwide in the categories for Bargains, Cottages and Bungalows, Easy Commute, Northeast, and Victorians.

Forest Park Heights is featured on the magazine's web site at

According to a spokesperson for This Old House Magazine:

After researching hundreds of cities, towns and neighborhoods throughout the United States and Canada,we've decided Forest Park Heights deserves special recognition for its astonishing selection of great homes, and the community spirit that supports them.

Our goal for this contest was simple. We wanted to recognize cities, towns or individual neighborhoods that might not be on our readers' radar, but deserve to be; places overflowing with beautiful, architecturally significant, or even, historic houses with special appeal to old-house-loving buyers. We also looked for places where people are happy to lend a helping hand on a neighbor's home improvement project; where spur-of-the-moment porch parties are among residents' favorite summer activities; where amenities, such as restaurants, hardware stores, or hiking trails, are just a short walk or drive away, and where people come together for special events, whether it's a holiday festival or a house tour; a 4th of July parade or a chilly night outside watching a local college or high school's football game.

We're hoping this designation will help ensure your community's continued success or revitalization by getting the word out to hundreds of thousands of old-house-enthusiasts nationwide.

One winning neighborhood was selected from each of the 50 states, and Canada. Six of the winning neighborhoods are featured in the current print issue of This Old House Magazine. All 51 winning neighborhoods can be seen on the magazine's web site.

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