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Community Development Block Grants Awarded


October 28, 2009 – Mayor Domenic J. Sarno announced today the recipients of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) awards at a press conference held at the Bing Arts Center on Sumner Avenue in Springfield.

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno stated that “the City of Springfield is pleased to assist all of the non-profit organizations receiving CDBG awards this year and recognized the importance these organizations are to the City of Springfield.”  “The organizations assist residents throughout the City with services that the City cannot always provide,” added Sarno.

The Bing Arts Center, a non-profit community arts and education center, has been created by the “X” Main Street Corporation to serve as a catalyst for cultural and economic development.   “The Bing project is intended to increase arts accessibility for the Forest Park neighborhood and the City of Springfield,” stated Brian F. Hale, Vice President of The “X” Main Street Corporation.  “The Bing Arts Center will provide the community with a venue for creative professionals, amateurs, and art consumers fostering economic activity and encouraging business growth,” added Hale.

Steve McCafferty of the Children’s Study Home stated “The Children’s Study Home is thrilled to receive CDBG funding to help us open our new family center in Mason Square.”  “This center will provide opportunities and support to families in our community which would not be possible without this great resource from the City of Springfield,” added McCafferty.

“This grant of CDBG funds means so much to The Gray House,” stated Dena A. Calvanese.  “Our facility is over 100 years old and is always in need of some costly repair,” said Calvanese.  “This award will allow us to renovate our kitchen and pantry area to make our facility more safe and efficient and that is a wonderful gift,” added Calvanese.

Jose Claudio, Director of Community Development and Public Relations for the New North Citizens Council stated “We would like to thank Mayor Sarno and his staff at the City’s Community Development Office for helping our community in the North End move forward in our beautification program and youth programs.”  “With all that is going on and with the peer pressure the youth are going through, it is a good thing that they can come to a safe haven place to relax and get the tools that they need to succeed in life,” stated Claudio.

“The CDBG funding from the City of Springfield will mean a safer and more comfortable work space for our staff and the many community residents who come into our building for services,” stated Anne Awad of Caring Health Center, Inc.  “We appreciate Mayor Sarno and his staff recognizing our need – Thank you, Springfield!” added Awad.

Garrett J. McCarthy, Executive Director of the Springfield Boys & Girls Club stated “this CDBG funding will allow us to address three facility issues that we have been putting off far to long due to this tough fiscal climate.”

Beginning in 1974, the CDBG program is one of the longest continuously run programs at HUD.  The CDBG program provides annual grants on a formula basis to local and state governments.       The CDBG entitlement program allocates annual grants to larger cities and urban counties to develop viable communities by providing decent housing, a suitable living environment, and opportunities to expand economic opportunities, principally for low and moderate income persons.  It is designed to provide services to the most vulnerable in our communities, and to create jobs through the expansion and retention of businesses. 

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