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City Announces Energy Savings

The Mayor of the City of Springfield, Domenic J. Sarno and the Executive Director of the Department of Parks, Buildings and Recreation Management, Patrick J. Sullivan, and Facilities Engineer, Joseph Forest will announce the success of the energy measures implemented city-wide at the Barney Carriage House located in Forest Park in Springfield.  Joining them will be representatives of Carlin Combustion Technology, Inc., Bay State Gas Company and Western Massachusetts Electric Company (WMECo).  Carlin Combustion Technology donated a gas burner to the City of Springfield and Bay State Gas and Western Massachusetts Electric Company will be announcing rebates in the amount of $860,000 and $26,898 respectively.

Mayor Sarno stated, “I would like to express my gratitude to Carlin, Western Massachusetts Electric Company and Bay State Gas in ensuring these savings to the City.  The management of our energy resources is critical in the long term financial stability of Springfield, and I am pleased to partner with our local utilities for a “Greener Springfield”.  The efficiency upgrades to our schools and City buildings, supported by our utility partners, not only saves the City money, but drastically reduces Springfield’s carbon footprint by saving energy.  The net result will benefit all of Springfield’s residents.” 

The attached sheet reviews the energy savings and outcomes of the Block 1 of the ESCO program.  The recent rebate checks included additional ESCO measures performed at the SAFE School, Boland School and Freedman School.  WMECo’s incentive check will help fund the installation of 15 variable frequency drives (VFDs) at Sumner Avenue School and Indian Orchard Elementary School, saving a combined total of nearly 100,000 kilowatt-hours (kWH) per year. 

Patrick Sullivan credited Mayor Domenic Sarno for providing the resources to initiate additional ESCO programs.  “These projects are critical to our building investments and in some cases are a decade overdue.  This initiative has provided state of the art heating equipment and management controls and improves the learning and working environment within our buildings. I would also like to thank Carlin Combustion Technology, Inc. for their generous donation to the City of Springfield and the net result is 1,045 gallons of oil not being burned  in Forest Park which equates to just under four (4) acres of trees being planted.  It is these initiatives and everyone working together that we will ensure a healthier environment.”

Marc Bryden, Carlin Combustion Technology, Inc. stated, “Carlin Combustion Technology, Inc. recently partnered with the City of Springfield to donation a new high efficiency gas fired burner in the Barney Carriage House. Our local East Longmeadow manufacturing facility wanted to demonstrate how a local companies products, produced by local Springfield employees could help the city achieve its goals in energy conservation and reduction in green house gases.”

Derek Buchler, Bay State Gas Manager of Demand Side Management adds, “We are pleased to see the positive impact of our combined efforts. These improvements will enable the City of Springfield to realize significant energy savings for years to come.  The energy savings benefit not only the city government, but all the residents of Springfield.  In addition, the City has taken a proactive step to reduce their carbon footprint.  All this has been achieved while increasing comfort in the city’s buildings.  Bay State Gas is proud to partner with the City of Springfield for this important undertaking.”

“WMECo is pleased to continue its lengthy partnership with the City on energy efficiency programs.  Our most recent incentive check for nearly $27,000 represents another major step forward on the energy efficiency front,” said Jennifer Schilling, Director of Business Development for WMECo.

Joseph M. Forest stated, “With the continued support from Mayor Domenic Sarno and Patrick Sullivan, the City of Springfield continues to reduce their energy consumption and green house gas emissions annually. With over two hundred projects completed from July of 2007 to the present the indoor air quality and comfort levels for our students, staff and employees continue to improve.”

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