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New Home for New Leadership Charter School


July 8, 2009 - Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, Dr. Alan Ingram and officials from the New Leadership Charter School and the Catholic Diocese announced today that the New Leadership Charter School will relocate to the former Holy Name School. The New Leadership Charter School, Founded in 1998, is Chartered as a Horace Mann Charter School and as required by this charter the City of Springfield has the responsibility to provide the educational classroom space for this school.

As directed by Mayor Sarno to find an improved educational setting for this school, the City has negotiated a ten year lease for the Holy Name Location. Mayor Sarno stated “The New Leadership Charter School has operated out of portable classrooms and the current conditions were not up to the standards that we want for our students or teachers.” “I am personally excited for the opportunities provided by this new location,” stated Sarno. “The Holy Name location offers a campus style educational approach for the students and provides an onsite gymnasium and cafeteria,” said Sarno. “This is an exciting opportunity and I am privileged to be working with the New Leadership Board and the Diocese of Springfield on improving the educational opportunities for Springfield students, added Sarno.” The agreement announced today will save
the city over $400,000 per year/$4 million dollars over the next ten years. 

The Holy Name site will receive cosmetic upgrades over the summer and the School will move in on the week of August 15th and be ready for the 2009 - 2010 school year. The following provides the cost comparison of the Holy Name Site as compared to the WNEC property:

Holy Name                WNEC
        Parish            10-year
     444,000             866,524
     455,220             888,485
     466,776             911,104
     478,680             934,402
     490,940             958,399
     503,568             983,116
     516,575          1,008,575
     529,973          1,034,797
     543,772          1,061,806
     557,985          1,089,625
--------------          --------------
$4,987,489        $9,736,835

New Leadership Charter School Chairman Peter D’Aboul Stated “This is great news for the New Leadership Charter School.” “For the first time since the school was started, we will have a quality facility that will meet all the needs of the school, stated D’Aboul.” “The New Leadership Charter School family is very excited about this move,” added D’Aboul.

Dr. Ingram stated “It is the goal of the Springfield Public Schools to ensure all students have quality conditions to learn and achieve in.” “The New Leadership Charter School has provided educational opportunities to Springfield students and I am pleased Mayor Sarno has taken the initiative to ensure the city provides the best for our children,” stated Ingram.

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