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Tree Planting with Springfield Arbor Allies

Springfield Arbor Allies brought to you by the Parks Department and Mayor Domenic J. Sarno held their first tree planting in the downtown area of Springfield on Saturday May 30th.  We had lots of jolly “green” volunteers’ show up to participate and make our city a little greener and healthier place to live.  We had volunteers ranging from all age ranges and helpers from other organizations. Big thanks go out to Tom Dupree and Chris Castellano from the Business Improvement District who provided the trees as well as much of the ground work to make it happen.  Thanks as well to Ed Casey our city forester who was on hand to show us how to properly plant a tree.  Ed was also there to help the volunteers as they installed the trees themselves.  David Bloniarz from the Urban Natural Resources Institute was on hand to offer guidance and proper installation advice.  Dave was also instrumental in recruiting 12 hard working helpers from the Sabis Charter School.  Thanks guys we couldn’t have done it without you and look forward to working with you again.

We planted 10 trees in the downtown area including one cherry tree next to City Hall on Pynchon Place.  The other locations include corner of Taylor St. & Chestnut St. (cherry tree), Taylor St. & Dwight St. (cherry tree),  Dwight St. & Bridge St (green spire linden)., Dwight St. (behind Mass Mutual Center) (2 ginkgos), Bliss St. (ginkgo), East Columbus & Worthington St.(ginkgo), Main St. and Court St. (green spire linden,)  and East Columbus & Gridiron St (cherry tree).  Next time you go by any of these locations check out what a difference they make to the streetscape.  These trees not only add a benefit to Springfield’s streetscape but they also offer a benefit to the global community at large.  When Springfield Arbor Allies holds another tree planting come make a difference for Springfield and the world with your own two hands.

Would like to get involved or find out more about Springfield Arbor Allies contact:

Michael Tully
Senior Parks Project Manager

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