Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission protects water resources including public and private water supplies, ground water, fisheries, endangered species, wildlife and wildlife habitat, and aesthetics. The commission holds hearings on development and other activities that may effect these natural resources for granting or withholding permission for these activities. It also maintains detailed maps of wetlands and flood plains within the city. The commission consists of a chairman and six members. All are appointed by the mayor and serve overlapping three-year terms.Public hearings are held at 5:00 on alternate Thursdays either at 1600 East Columbus Avenue or in the field.

Current Members

Chair Christopher Collins Mayor 3
Board Member Fred Miller Mayor 3
Board Member Juanita Martinez Mayor 3
Board Member Frank Ryan Mayor 3
Board Member Clarence Jones Mayor 3
Board Member Peter J Alminas Mayor 3
Board Member Paul Bongiorni Mayor 3

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Conservation Commission

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