Election Commission (en EspaƱol)

The Election Commission consists of three members, all appointed by the mayor to four year terms. Meetings of the Commission are held as needed. The Commission works with the Election Office staff to ensure that elections are properly managed and conducted in accordance with city, state, and federal laws.

Commission Members:

Gladys Oyola, Election Commissioner / Deputy City Clerk / Justice of the Peace

John Ramirez [R], Chair

Christopher Caputo [R]

Janina Millet-Foy [D] 

Marvenia Frazier-Shubrick [D]

Election Commission Office

The Election Office conducts all municipal, state, and federal elections within the City of Springfield. The office also handles the registration of voters, proper maintenance of voters' records, and manages the annual city census which lists Springfield residents age 17 and over.

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