Voting by mail in 2023 is available to Springfield voters without excuse! 

To vote by mail, all you need to do is:

1.  Complete a vote by mail application

  • Vote By Mail applications can be used to request ballots for the general election. 
  • All Vote By Mail applications must be signed.  Applications can be signed by hand, or electronically by mouse, stylus or finger.  Typed names will not be accepted as signatures.  

2.  Vote By Mail applications can be submitted to the Springfield Board of Elections by mail, email or fax:

3.  Return your ballot to the Springfield Board of Elections

  • By Mail:  The white envelope will be addressed and include postage. For the State Election, ballots sent by mail must be received by the Board of Elections by Tuesday, November 7th at 8pm (close of polls). 
  • Drop Box/In Person:  The Board of Elections has a ballot drop box located in the rear of City Hall located at 36 Court Street.  Springfield voters wishing to hand deliver/drop off their ballots can use the gray ballot drop box to do so.  The ballot drop box is locked and under 24 hour video surveillance.  All ballots submitted in the drop box or hand delivered must arrive by November 7th at 8pm.  
  • Deadline to Request ballot (recieved by) 5pm on  October 31, 2023
Page last updated:  Wednesday, October 27, 2021 07:59 pm