Staff Liaisons for City Permitting

City Administration, Mayor

Mayor's Office: City of Springfield, MA (

Contact: Tom Ashe
Title: Chief of Staff
Phone(413) 787-6100

City Clerk

Contact: Gladys Oyola-Lopez
Title: City Clerk
Phone: 413-787-4957

City Council

Contact: Kelley Mickiewicz
Title: Staff  Aide
Phone(413) 787-6170

Contact: Susan Kacoyannakis
Title: Staff  Aide
Phone(413) 787-6170

Contact: Sean Young
Title: Staff  Aide
Phone(413) 787-6170

Conservation Commission

Contact: Kevin Chaffee
Title: Deputy Director of Planning
Phone(413) 787-6020

Department of Code Enforcement

Contact: Steve Desilets
Title: Building Commissioner
Phone: 413-787-6031

Contact: Mark Hebert
Title: Deputy Building Commissioner
Phone(413) 787-6038

Department of Health & Human Services

Contact: Steve Stathis
Title: Environmental Health Director
Phone(413) 787-6719

Department of Public Works

Contact: Chris Cignoli
Title: Chief Engineer
Phone(413) 787-6224

Fire Department

Contact: Richard Martin
Title: Fire Marshall
Email:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Phone(413) 787-6410

Historic District Commission

Contact: Alvin Allen
Title: Principal Planner
Phone(413) 787-6020

License Commission

Contact: Anna Martinez
Title: Staff
Phone(413) 787-6196

Office of Planning & Economic Development

Contact: Philip Dromey
Title: Deputy Director of Planning
Phone(413) 787-6020

Police Department

Contact: SPD Clerk's Office
Title: Office Manager
Phone(413) 787-6310


Springfield Sewer & Water Commission

Contact: Martin Lobik, P. E.
Title: Engineer
Phone: 413-452-1319

Zoning Board of Appeals

Contact: Mike Jachym
Title: Zoning Administrator
Phone(413) 787-7807

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