Code Enforcement Inspections

Building Code Enforcement

The Building Division is responsible for the enforcement of the state building code, handicapped access regulations, zoning ordinances, and conditions attached to special permits. It issues permits for building, wiring, plumbing, gas, and signs and performs plan reviews, on-site inspection of all new construction, alterations, and repairs. The division also oversees change of use and occupancy, demolitions, and zoning violations. Building permits must be obtained before construction begins.

Zoning Division


Weights and Measures

The function of the Weights and Measures Division of the Code Enforcement department is to ensure the delivery of accurate quantities, at the correct price, of all products bought and sold in the City of Springfield. This is accomplished through device inspections, price verification inspections, civil violation warnings and penalties, and if necessary, court procedures.

Department of Public Works Inspections

The Department of Public Works is responsible for permits and inspections on work involving streets and roadways.

Street excavation permits trigger an automatic inspection daily.  For example, a three day permit will be inspected three times and will appear on an expired permits list on day four. Depending on the job and other work, the street inspector will decide when and how often to stop on site.

Street Occupancy permits are inspected only as required.  For example a dumpster to be placed in the street is inspected for proper placement only once.

Roadway failure complaints are investigated either annually or as needed to compare street failure locations to street excavation permit locations. If the work is not completed by the applicant in a reasonable time, DPW may choose to act on the permit holder’s performance bond.

Questions about DPW permits and inspections can be answered by the the permit inspector who is on site, or by contacting the DPW engineering department at 413-787-6210 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. weekdays.

Fire Department Inspections

The Springfield Fire Department issues permits including:

  • Flammable/Combustible Liquid Storage
  • Dumpsters
  • Permit to Fire a Cannon
  • Fireworks/Special Effects
  • Transportation of Combustible Fluids
  • Install Oil Burner or Oil Tank for Home Heating
  • Above Ground/Underground Storage Tank Installation and Removal

See the Springfield Fire Department website for:

For more info about Fire Department inspections, contact phone 413-787-6410.

Health Department Inspections

The Department of Health & Human Services Division of Environmental Health is to protect the public health and environment of the City of Springfield through education, inspections, sampling and monitoring, and enforcing federal, state and local codes as they pertain to public health issues. Download forms:

Housing Department Inspections

The Inspectional Services Housing Division enforces the Massachusetts State Sanitary Code and City of Springfield Ordinances that regulate and improve the quality of Springfield’s public and private housing stock. 

City Resources 

City of Springfield Ordinances relevant to Housing Code: Chapter 7.16 Solid Waste, litter and weeds

Massachusetts Regulations

Massachusetts Sanitary Code (PDF)

Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s summary of the requirements of the State Sanitary Code

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