Neighborhood Enhancement Fund

Mayor Sarno has allocated a total of $3 million to support neighborhood enhancements throughout the City of Springfield.  This funding must be utilized by City of Springfield departments for public benefit. Neighborhood Councils and City Departments may submit requests for how this funding shall be utilized.  This funding IS NOT permitted to be granted to small businesses and/or non-profit organizations for their benefit or to support their operations, projects MUST be carried out by a City Department.    Applications submitted by neighborhood councils must have a partnership letter from the relevant city department that will be responsible for carrying out the project.

Projects must be neighborhood supported, meaning it is being recommended by neighborhood councils or the application has been developed in collaboration with neighborhood input (i.e. action is included in a neighborhood plan). 

Applications may include:

  • Development of neighborhood investment plans or implementation of activities included within neighborhood investment plans
  • Pedestrian Safety Improvements (i.e. crosswalks upgrades, sidewalk improvements, signage, lighting improvements, tree planting, installation of benches, wayfinding, traffic calming solutions, etc.)
  • Litter and dumping reduction (i.e. public waste receptacles, interim greening of vacant lots, disposal of dumping/public receptacles, installation/monitoring of illegal dumping cameras, e-recycling events, etc.)
  • Public Art and Neighborhood Beautification Activties (i.e. public murals/mosaics, public art installations, utility box/hydrant painting, public plantings, lighting upgrades, flower baskets, etc.)
  • Costs associated with public programming of public spaces to increase resident/public use
  • Public safety focused enhancements (i.e. installation of public cameras, enhanced public lighting, etc.)
  • Projects that highlight or promote neighborhood cultural identities
  • Installation of lighting that highlights architectural and/or historic features of public buildings
  • Public Biking infratructure, operational, equipment and/or related costs
  • Other neighborhood enhancements

Projects will need to provide a demonstrative neighborhood benefit that will contribute to a safer, healthier, more vibrant and/or walkable neighborhood.  

Applications can be completed utilizing this form: 

The deadline for applications has been EXTENDED to April 16, 2024.  Questions may be directed to Ed Whitley at or Tina Quagliato Sullivan at 

Questions and/or changes to the application will be posted on this website.  

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