Planting Trees

The planting of public shade and ornamental trees in our parks and on our streets is one of the most important tasks that the Springfield Park Department’s Forestry Division does to maintain the health and vigor of our beautiful city.

The Planting of trees in our city is very important. The trees that the city plants help provide…

Reduce soil erosion
Reduce air pollution
Provide wildlife habitat Aesthetic values
Increase property value
Summer cooling
Sight, wind, and sound barriers

To help increase the green space, beautify, and add value to your property in Springfield, plant a tree. The following are some sound instructions for the survival of the tree you decide to plant.

Step 1. Site Selection

It is very important to place a tree in a place where it will thrive for years to come.
Avoid planting trees…

Under Utilities lines
Too close to buildings and sidewalks
Where there isn’t sufficient area for crown and root growth

Step 2. Tree Selection

Start off right; select a tree of good stock from a local nursery. It is also important to pick the correct species of tree to fit the conditions of your property.
Select a tree that…

Will not out grow the space provided
Diseased and insect resistant
Doesn’t have poisonous fruit or thorny branches that may injure children

Step 3. Site Preparation

Preparing the site for planting includes

Calling you local Dig Safe for locating underground utilities
Having correct tools for the job
Digging of hole to correct depth and 3x width of root ball
Breaking up of compacted soil
Do not amend the soil

Step 4. Planting

Using correct planting practices is an important factor in the survival of your tree. After the planting hole is prepared and the tree is at the location begin…

Lift tree into hole by burlap or wire basket, never by the trunk
Remove burlap, wire basket, plastic container
After positioning tree in center of hole and vertical, begin to backfill
Begin watering after some soil has been added
Finish backfilling up to the trunk flare and lightly tamp
Follow up by watering tree by soaking area with gentle stream of hose

Step 5. After Care

After the proper procedures were used to plant your tree, the new tree will need some after care to insure its survival for decades to come…

Apply 3” to 4” of bark mulch around the tree, but not up to the trunk
Prune only dead or broken branches
Continue deep watering once or twice a week
Do not apply fertilizer at time of planting

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