Recent Projects

We've planted several types of properties over the course of our program. These are highlights of larger projects and residential planting.

Educare Facility in Springfield (Fall 2019)

The state-of-the-art, Educare Facility in Springfield; one of 24 in the country. This project, funded by an anonymous doner, the Irene E. and George A. Davis Foundation, state grants, and New Market Tax Credits, will serve 141 students in the Greater Springfield. 

We planted 87 trees for the facility including but not limited to, Ginkgo, Bald Cypress, Zelkova, Magnolia, and White Spruce.

Springfield Housing Authority (Fall 2019)

We planted 40 trees for several different Springfield Housing Authority properties across our planting zones. This aims to serve our project goals of planting for the renter population. 

Residential Homes (Fall 2018 - Ongoing)

Our program revolves around getting shade to the homes of the folks that need it most. Here is a collection of homes we've planted throughout the McKnight-Hill area.

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