Watering Your New Tree

It's Important to Get New Trees Off to a Good Start...

Newly planted trees need help before they can grow on their own. This is called an establishment period where the tree grows its root system strong enough to support itself.

Trees need 15 gallons of water or a full water bag a week to survive, especially in the middle of the summer. This bag offers a “deep watering” method for your trees. Sprinklers are good for grass because grass roots aren’t as deep.


How to water your new tree

  1. Start watering your tree immediately after planting, once a week, from Easter Sunday to Thanksgiving. This is approximate and depends when the ground thaws and freezes.
  2. Fill the bag until it is full by inserting a hose into the small opening at the top of the bag. You should see the bag start to fill up.
  3. Some bags are not made equal and will drain faster than others. That is okay! As long as you fill it up once a week.

Tree watering tips

  1. Be extra diligent about watering your tree in the summer! Your tree is using most of its energy to grow its roots; heat stress will slow it down.
  2. Keep mulch around your tree to keep out weeds and keep the soil moist.
  3. Feel the soil to make sure it is moist. The soil should be damp not soggy
  4. If you don’t have a hose to fill your gator bag, ask your neighbor if you could borrow theirs! Or use a large pitcher/bucket to carry water from your nearest water source to your tree
  5. If you notice wilting leaves that are yellow to brown, your tree is underwatered and could die!

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Page last updated:  Monday, November 14, 2022 12:01 pm