Residency Commission

The Residency Compliance Commission, comprising seven Commissioners, five to be appointed by the Mayor of the City of Springfield with one being a City union representative, and two other members, one of whom shall be the City's affirmative action officer and one of whom shall be the President of the City Council, or such other Councilor designated from time to time by the Council President. The purpose of the Commission shall be to investigate and make findings relative to compliance with Springfield's residency ordinance, as established by the City of Springfield Code §73-15.

The Commission meets on the first Thursday of each month.


Co-Chair: Captain Drew PiemonteSpringfield Fire Department / Union Representative

Co-Chair: Judith CrowellChief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Michael A. Fenton City Councilor

Gladys OyolaCity Clerk/Election Commissioner

Alex ShermanElection Commissioner

Genesis Velez - – Mayoral Aide


Legal Advisor: Attorney Alesia DaysDeputy City Solicitor / Director of Licensing

If you believe an employee of the City of Springfield is in violation of City of Springfield Code §73-8 (Ord. 1986 c. 73 §§ 8-17). Please submit the Residency Compliance Grievance Form and provide document(s) that support your complaint.

Residency Compliance Grievance Form

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